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Should You Rent or Buy a Home?
Mike DiVita shows the simple math behind renting vs buying and makes a very compelling argument for purchasing a home.
Start the Homebuying Process with a Mortgage Pre-Approval
Pre-approval is a critical step when looking to buy a new home. Getting pre-approved early can make the entire process much more efficient by: Telling you exactly what you can afford to spend Allowing you to move fast when you
Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage? You might be surprised!!!
Fixed interest loans are all the rage.  And they should be with our historically low rates, but is there more to the picture? While locking in low interest rates in a 30 year fixed loan can be appealing to some,
You can save A LOT OF MONEY by shortening the term of your loan.
Do You Know How Much the Bank Makes on Your Mortgage?  Compare a 15 Year and a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage. The most obvious advantage of a 15 year fixed rate mortgage over a 30 year is to own your
When Does an Interest Only Loan Make Financial Sense?
Some people’s incomes aren’t based on a traditional salary model.  In cases where your monthly income may fluctuate or the majority of your income arrives in bonuses or contract payments, it’s important to have flexibility in your mortgage solution. Interest
8 Common Credit Score Myths.
Don’t let any of these common credit score myths keep you from getting a better score and a lower payment on your new home. 8 Common Credit Score Myths 1. Myth: If I go to a free online credit reporting
Today I am going to talk about 7 simple rules first time home buyers can follow to help generate wealth with real estate. In my 20+ years as a mortgage professional, I have seen every RE scenario imaginable from massive