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Partner with a Mortgage Company that’s going to Grow Your Real Estate Business
Partner with a Mortgage Company that’s going to Grow Your Real Estate Business
Partner with a Mortgage Company that’s going to Grow Your Real Estate Business   In a market and age that is based on technology, the ability to nurture relationships has never been easier while at the same time often, more
How Banks Qualify Borrowers for a Home Loan
How Banks Qualify Borrowers for Home Loans The factors are: Down Payment Income Credit Rating Cash Reserves The bank wants to know you have the down payment.  They will measure income against obligations, such as you car payment, credit card
Banker or Broker?
The Difference Between a Broker and Banker Synonymous, in a way.  They both secure home loans.  A mortgage banker works for a specific bank.  He offers the products from that bank’s portfolio only.  A mortgage broker is independent and affiliated
Reverse Mortgage Myths
A reverse mortgage can be a great tool to access the equity you have built up in your home for retirement.  Separate myth from fact and see just how powerful a reverse mortgage can be.
Our Real Estate Agent Partner Agreement
The real estate market is rapidly changing. You need to align yourself with partners who understand the new market and offer only the best in tools, technology, and service, from the first interaction to the last. We guarantee our service
Tips for the Self-Employed Borrower
If you are self-employed it is important that you watch this video and get prepared early.  It can be much more difficult to get approved as a self-employed borrower unless you understand what the bank is looking for. An experienced
Understanding VA Loans
Active and retired members of any U.S. branch of the military love this incredible wealth generation benefit.  By taking advantage of the VA loan program, you can buy a home or investment property at a much lower cost than the
The Real Cost of a “No Cost” Refinance
There is no such thing as a no cost loan. There are always costs associated with getting a loan. No cost loans are a marketing term used to indicate a loan where the lender is crediting the borrower back some
What You Need to Know Before Choosing an FHA Loan
The FHA offers some very good loan products but it’s important that you understand the details and know all your options before deciding on a loan.
See the Math Behind a Smart Home Refinance
If you are trying to decide on whether or not you should refinance your home, take a look at the numbers. If you know how to do the math, determining whether a refi is a good idea is easy.
Understanding Jumbo Loans
Jumbo loans are an important financing tool in states like California where average home prices often exceed conforming loan limits.  These loans are harder to qualify for but watch this video and you will get some very good tips that
Refinancing Underwater with HARP 2.0
  Underwater may not mean, out of luck! If you find yourself underwater on your mortgage you may be able to find some relief by refinancing with a HARP 2.0 loan.   A traditional refinance path isn’t typically attainable when
About DiVita Home Finance, Inc.
Our mission at DiVita Home Finance is to deliver the absolute best mortgage experience in California, whether buying or refinancing a home or investment property. Watch this video to find out how we can help you to make smart, informed
First-time Homebuyer Process
Our Easy to Follow 4 Step Homebuying Process Step 1: Select your Team Real Estate Team and Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Selecting a Real Estate Agent, a Mortgage Broker and obtaining pre-approval is an important first step. Get pre-approved