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California Association of Food Banks
DiVita Home Finance is a California business that provides mortgages for individuals and families in California.  But in this economy, many homeowners and renters face a crisis that goes beyond housing needs, hunger.  For them, we support the California Association
A Place Called Home
DiVita Home Finance is a family owned business that provides home mortgages for Californians.  We love doing it because home is a family’s safe haven.  But sometimes, it isn’t.  That’s why we support A Place Called Home, APCH. A Place
These are the Things That Get Us Excited!
Hi My name is Brian Sather and I am one of the creators of the website.  I want to take a minute and tell you all about why we decided to build the site and what we think it
10 Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent for You
Find the Agent that Fits Your Needs!   This is the person you will trust to guide you to the right home or find the best buyer so don’t just hire the first relative or neighbor that offers to help. Agents