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Communication is key to mortgage lending
  Communication is Key to a Seamless Real Estate Transaction   When working with any client, from the seasoned veteran investor to the first time home buyer, there is nothing more important than communication! Every scenario and every day is
Tips To Improve Your Credit
  Tips to Increase you Credit Score when buying a home When facing a home loan situation where there is a credit sensitive scenario, these basic tips can help you to avoid disaster! If you have good credit but your
Why Running Your Credit Early is so important
When buying Real Estate, you have to check your credit scores early!   Although we have been told that running our credit too often is bad, when beginning any type of loan, information is power, and power is money. Being
Why a loan pre approval is so important
  Step 1 for Home Buyers – Get Pre Approved by a Qualified Mortgage Professional.   Shopping for a home can be exciting, but not knowing what you are doing can be intimidating and frustrating. A preapproval can help to
The Divita Home Finance Portal
Check out our Real Estate Loan Portal. A better client experience equals more referrals.   In a day and age where technology for convenience is the norm, we at Divita Home Finance feel that it is our obligation to offer