Partner with a Mortgage Company that’s going to Grow Your Real Estate Business


In a market and age that is based on technology, the ability to nurture relationships has never been easier while at the same time often, more difficult.

We are all experiencing an uptick in lead volume, whether it is through services such as Zillow, or the use of Facebook or any of the other available media platforms. Our ability to interact on an unprecedented scale is driving lead traffic to a sometimes overwhelming amount.

If you are disorganized, this means sometimes your leads or old clients may “fall through the cracks”.

At DiVita Home Finance, we focus on many things. A smooth and efficient transaction is the best way for you to get referrals and we are second to none in this area, but we also make sure you never lose a client due to time passing, or circumstance.

When people pre-approve with a broker there is a certain exchange of very personal information that builds an almost instant rapport and trust. While not all markets afford buyers the ability to close a transaction immediately, nurturing that relationship with engaging content over time, almost certainly guarantees that when they are able to move we are the establishment they reach out to. We’ve never left their side!

Consumers are bombarded with real estate agent contacts and timing is everything. If your lead contacts us at any time, even years after you first interacted, we will know. Our use of cutting edge technology enables us to go back in time and see where this relationship began. It was with a referral from you.

Our job then, is to make sure that we put them back into contact with you and we all pick up where we left off.

Let us help you help stay on top of your leads! DiVita Home Finance embraces this shift in technology and leverages it to grow our business together.